Automate Your Accounts Receivable system for Small and Medium size businesses

You simply upload your outstanding invoices and IODM automatically schedules the reminder letters, debt collection letters workflow, all with SMS/TXT messaging. IODM is a ‘select and forget’ receivables reminder system that takes control of your communication needs to your debtors. IODM gets you paid without the stress.


Step 1:  Upload your outstanding debtors

Step 2:  Select which debtors will receive the notifications (the system will preselect for you)

Step 3: Collect – send the notifications and start receiving the money owed to you



IODM is a tried and proven system, so we encourage you to use the system for free for 28 days without any cost to you. Let us prove to you how easy the system is to use and how effective it will be in boosting your accounts receivables from your debtors. Simply register and start using the system now.


Business owners thrive when they ‘Accelerate their cash flow’ by using IODM

IODM is the most effective Accounts Receivable reminder software in the market today; it will save you time, money and reduce your headaches chasing down late payments. Simply upload, select and start collecting your money.

Save your valuable time

Do you or your staff spend hours chasing debtors? How much does it cost your business chasing slow debtors? Don’t you hate the run-around debtors play when called for payment? How much does this time cost you, cost your family and cost your business running after your debtors? Let the software do it all for you at a click of the button, save time, save money and save the hassle of chasing down all your debtors.

Pricing Plans

IODM has pricing plans that suit all business sizes and needs. There are no commissions, no contracts and you can cancel at any time!

Easy to Use

Being in the cloud, you can use the system at anytime, anywhere, home, work, on the commute... All you need is a computer and the WWW.

Cost effective

How much does it cost your business in not having the cash flow you need? You now have full control over the whole process. IODM saves you time and money chasing payments owed to you! Automate your Accounts Receivable for a simpler working environment.