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Why Us

IODM provides specialist accounts receivables management software and services to major clients across Australia. Our range of software and services are designed specifically to enhance cash flow, reduce overdrafts, reduce overall costs and provide true ‘set and forget’ accounts receivable management workflows.

Save Your Valuable Time

Do you or your staff spend hours chasing debtors? How much does it cost your business chasing slow debtors? Don’t you hate the run-around debtors play when called for payment?


Being in the cloud, you can use the system at anytime, anywhere, home, work, on the Commute… All you need is a computer and access to the Internet.

Cost Effective

How much does it cost your business in not having the cash flow you need? You now have full control over the whole process. IODM saves you time and money chasing payments owed to you!


Reminder Letters

Sending a reminder letter every 7 days starts the cycle / journey of better business practice and being paid quicker. Our reminders are not designed to intimidate your client, but to give them a gentle reminder that the debt is due. If you first do not succeed, try and try again. The IODM system is a process workflow, so if the first reminder letter is ignored, a second one is automatically scheduled and ready to go.



A reminder SMS text message is sent out with every communication. Gone are the days of wasting time and money on making phone calls that lead to nowhere. The IODM system sends a reminder SMS text replacing the phone call and being more effective, as you will always reach the end user.  70% of people act on an SMS as to a physical phone call.“You can run but you cant hide”


Commercial Collections

Good credit management should ensure that customers pay on time, we understand that this is not always the case and not everyone has a trained and dedicated credit manager.

The commercial collection company embraces an empathetic approach when dealing with problematic customers. They promote flexible solutions for both parties and do not use heavy-handed threats that might damage your ongoing relationships. Their broad experience in the trade credit arena has repeatedly proven the value of this. They work closely with you, allowing you to focus on long-term partnerships with your customers while ensuring timely collections.

They operate on a no success, no fee basis. This means you only pay when a debt is successfully recovered. In most cases, they collect all commission from the debtor, meaning there are no extra costs for you.


Credit Checks

Making a sale ensures your customer has the capacity to pay.

Just as you don’t go into business to give things away, you shouldn’t sell your valuable products or services to someone who can’t afford to pay. If that sounds obvious, it is surprising the number of businesses who do exactly that!

By doing a credit check on any new and or existing client gives you the peace of mind on who you are doing business with.


Credit Insurance

Trade credit insurance protects your debtor’s ledger, one of the largest assets your business can carry.

Even the most rigorous and disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts. Any business with these exposures should ensure they are protected with trade credit insurance. Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve does not replace monies lost, whereas trade credit insurance puts cash back in your hands.


Fee Funding

Fee Funding provides provides professional service firms a finance facility enabling their clients to pay their invoices monthly. This enables the full invoice value to be paid upfront to the firm. The client repays the Fee Funder in monthly installments over an agreed term.


Pay Now Facility

To get paid faster and simpler, IODM have partnered with Integra Pay to manage all the real time payments. By simply clicking on the PAY NOW button, your client has the ability to pay directly into your account in a quick, efficient and seamless manner.



Chasing unpaid invoices is hard enough, but managing and reporting on what has transpired is equally frustrating and time consuming. The IODM reporting functionality allows you to view what actions have taken place, what the follow up action is to be and any running comments. The reporting function replaces the old and tired Accounts Receivable ledger in real time.


White Labelling

The IODM application has a white label offering. You can now have your own AR product that looks and feel like your own. The White Labelling allows you to have a single sign on dashboard that allows you to view all your clients that are using the system. It also allows you to centralise your debtor management process and have all individual divisions on the one dashboard.